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Family Time

At one point I lived alone with five cats.  Before you think me a totally crazy cat lady, only two of the cats were mine.  Two belonged to my daughter and one I was babysitting for the summer.  Each morning after fajr prayer, I would spend a few moments reading Quran. Since I don’t read Arabic (well), I listen to Mishary al-Efasi and follow along and then re-read the English translation of the meaning.  My cats almost always come to listen as well.  Although only two are seen here, Leo (mine) and Spencer (the visitor) were lying off to the side.   Ajax (tabby to the right – also mine) and Knee (resting on my leg) are the ones in the photo and Tank (a half Bengal bundle of non-stop energy) was likely running in and out of the room.  Now, I’m down to only my two cats, Leo and Ajax, and just this morning, as usual, Ajax laid to my right, Leo to my left, as we listened to/read several ayat of Surah Hud.  I just adore cats and their unique personalities. 


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