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Annual New Year’s Day Visit

Today I made my last semi-annual visit to Ethan’s grave.   It’s quite a long drive to the cemetery but an easy one.  

Visiting the cemetery isn’t just about visiting my son’s grave.   It is also a reminder to me that this is my final resting place…all of us.   No matter our wealth or position in society, we will all return to Allah one day…naked.  Nothing we have materially gained in this world will be of any use to us here.  Visiting Ethan’s grave, and the graves of those who have died before and after him, is a great reminder to start the secular year off on the right foot.   Pray more…be kinder…give in charity (if only just a smile)…because those things follow you from this life to the next.  And as I literally pack my suitcase to leave Arizona, I wish to also pack that imaginary suitcase with good deeds, good thoughts and a clean heart.   I wish to hold no grudges and forgive those who have done me wrong.  Forgiveness and mercy are far better in the eyes of Allah than hatred and revenge.  May Allah accept that from me.  Ameen.

To anyone I may have hurt along the way, I sincerely apologize and pray you will find it in your heart to forgive me as well.   I wish 2015 and the coming years to be full of love and mercy.


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