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Road Trip

As I posted previously, I have come home.   This journey took several days.  While it is a nice trip…just the two of us (plus two very angry cats)…it was ridiculously stressful.  We intended to share the drive, but I just could not wrap my head around towing my car while driving a 16′ truck on a two lane, pothole ridden Highway 40.  I would drive 30 miles per hour and white knuckle the whole way.   We would still be in Oklahoma.

Our journey was planned out, then revamped, then revamped again.  We managed to cover more distance than we expected so our final plan is a work in progress.  Prior to leaving we had to finish loading the truck.   This involved carrying the washer and dryer downstairs.   My engineer son and my electrician/plumber husband took the furniture dolly upstairs and after much clunking, managed to get the washer down.  It was on the dolly wrong and wouldn’t go out the door.   They take it off to turn it and I observed the “furniture” part of the dolly was not lowered.   Wow…that would have made things easier.  And it did for the dryer.

Then came the fridge.   My husband (the plumber/electrician) turned off the water and proceeded to unhook the hose.  Water sprayed everywhere.  My engineer son stood there, mouth agape.  I ran for a bucket.  Bucket one was dumped, bucket two…I climb over them with a wrench and clamp the hose so my husband can reattach it.  That solved the flooding house issue.  Unfortunately, as with many of the homes built at during the “boom” everything was cheaply done and the water could not be turned off there…it had to be done outside.  But that valve was also broken.  We’d have to do it at the street.   The cover was frozen over it…yes, in Arizona…and the tool broke.  We can laugh about that now.  Well, I can laugh about it now.   He’s still a tad sensitive.  

The trip was otherwise rather uneventful once my husband felt more comfortable, but the first day we tried to get gas (and find a Starbuck’s, a luxury that ended after the first “attempt” to maneuver a truck towing a car in icy conditions with cranky cats).  It was a quick lesson on what buttons I cannot push.   A very quick lesson.

But all is well that ends well.   My husband learned the power of coffee as I slept/whined/moaned and groaned for the majority of every morning after day one.  I learned that my husband has an amazing mind and an uncanny knowledge of anything sports.  I learned my cats do not like to travel.  

We arrived home a day earlier than we expected and we were greeted by a lovely, wet snowstorm.  

I started my new job the next week after settling in and am finally getting into my much needed routine.


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