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A Food Blog

I am quite fond of collecting recipes and cooking/baking different dishes.   My husband is an old-school meat-n-potatoes kinda guy but, to his credit, he will try new things.  My stepson, the one who lives at home, will eat almost anything I make.  Ok…”eat” is a bit of an exaggeration, but he will TRY anything I make.   Now both of my girls are grown and living on their own.   My eldest is very experimental with cooking and quite the talented baker.  I think her meticulous attention to detail and presentation of her dishes are what impress me the most.

The focus of this blog is my younger daughter, a wife and mother.  She is unafraid to try cooking different dishes.  She will often call me though for “what can I do with…” and being the recipe collector that I am, I promptly send suggestions.   If the recipe calls for ingredients she doesn’t have, she is unafraid to substitute.   But last week was a challenge for both of us.  Her father-in-law brought her beef melt.   B-E-E-F M-E-L-T.   That is…spleen.  I get the text:  “Momma, baba brought us spleen.  I heard it can be stuffed so I have some feta cheese.   Can you find a recipe for it?”

I gagged.  I gagged again.   I searched for “stuffed spleen”.  Surprisingly, I found some-actually had a choice between lamb or beef.  I tried to read them.  I gagged.  (I’m not an organ meat person although I have made dishes with chicken hearts before.)  The recipes I found for her were very lengthy and after discussing the removal of a membrane (shudder), my daughter decided just to “simmer the hell out of it” with “about 10 beef bullion cubes”.  Needless to say it took quite some time to simmer and despite my plea NOT to provide me with step by step photos, she was kind enough to text me a play by play and ultimately a video where she tried to cut into it.  I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but a few lines from the Eagles’ Hotel California come to mind.

To be honest, it is not my nature to turn my nose up at any food.   It is a blessing to have food and I applaud my daughter for being ambitious, but I hope I never have to resort to making (or eating) spleen.

So on that lovely vision I shall away to MY kitchen where honey hot wings and homemade pizza are on the menu for my household tonight.


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