More baseball…

I have not blogged in awhile.   Work and medical stuff has stepped in and made it difficult to find free time (or quiet time) to blog.  But it has been a productive summer, especially in knocking out a few ball parks.   You may be pleased to know that I have successfully been swayed to enjoy baseball.

Over the 4th of July weekend, we made our trip to Illinois.   My SOMH was quite the trooper as he underwent a major surgical procedure only a few days before.   He was determined not to miss out on the trip.  My dad was an excellent host.

We took the first day of our trip and visited the city.   We visited the sky deck of the Sears Tower (can’t call it the Willis Tower) and walked along the Chicago river.   We walked more than six miles that day – a feat considering my surgery had been only a week before and my SOMH’s just three days old.  We walked along the lake and over to Navy Pier.   After much discussion, we all agreed to ride the Ferris wheel.   None of us like heights and if you don’t know, it is one of the tallest Ferris wheels.  We bought tickets.   We got in line.  The announcement was made that there was a mechanic on his way to fix a mechanical issue and we are welcome to wait or get a refund.   We all believed this to be a sign and scurried back to get a refund.   There was no discussion.  Another time…maybe.

The next day, July 3, the boys went to Wrigley Field to see the game.   There are photos…somewhere…on my husband’s camera.  I suspect they will stay there for 6-8 months before they are uploaded.   What is it they say?   If you want your husband to do something, there is no need to remind him every 6 months.   Something like that.

I can report that both said they were glad they went as Wrigley Field is a famous landmark, but they did not enjoy the park at all.   Not the set up, not the people and not the selection of concessions.

On July 4, we went to see the White Sox play the Orioles.   If I haven’t already said so, the O’s are our favorite team.   My SOMH’s favorite since he was old enough to enjoy baseball (i.e., since his eyes could focus on anything); my husband’s favorite team since the Padres became an embarrassment; and my favorite team because I like the color orange, but more importantly because if I value my life, I cheer for who the boys like.  (Speaking as a Seahawks fan in a Patriots fan household….wasn’t pretty this past Super Bowl.)

  U.S. Cellular field was very nice.   There was a special on hotdogs so concessions were a hit!   The only bad thing, despite having a large turnout of O’s fans in Chicago, was, well…they lost.   SOMH takes the losses personally.  I don’t like dealing with the frowny-face.

The next park we tackled was Philly.   It’s not too far from us but as luck would have it a “side-effect” of my surgery has been a set of debilitating migraines.  This trip was awful for me being the third week of the headaches.  We started off visiting the historical sites…it was too crowded with very rude tourists (they say we Americans are rude…sheesh).  My tolerance was below zero and when I’m grouchy I make everyone’s life miserable, mine included. 

We decided to take a bus trip to visit the Eastern State Penitentiary.   It is haunted and historic.  Pleasing to young, old and indifferent.

Since we were in Philly we had no choice but to make our way to the south side to stand in line for a cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s.  Worth the wait, even if the pain in my head told my stomach that was a big mistake.

We got to the game very early and figured we could just go sit in a restaurant and wait for the gates to open.  There was nothing around the stadium.  Well, other stadiums and parking lots, but not even someone selling water.   The lady at the ticket booth took pity on me as I looked ready to drop over and gave me a cup of water.
Once the gates opened and we took our seats, excitement set in.  There was a great breeze blowing, we were on the second deck, front row.   My SOMH had the “luck” of having a young girl eating cotton candy plop down next to him.  That was good for a laugh.   2nd time that has happened.  

Whew…that catches us up for the stadium tour to date.   We’ve made a trip back to Camden since then, but that was in support of the O’s and not just to check off a park.   We hope to make one more trip this summer to Toronto, but that is up in the air at this point.

The boys have mapped out the potential road trip for next summer already and I am happy to be a part of this with them.