Oh Canada!

Over this Labor Day holiday, we traveled to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by way of Niagara Falls, New York, to see the Orioles play the Blue Jays and knocking another park off our list.

This was a very fun trip.  We left home late Friday afternoon and made it to the hotel by 11 pm.  We had a good night’s sleep and got to the Niagara Falls attractions early. This was good for several reasons.   One we beat the oppressive heat (although it caught up to us by the time we left) and we didn’t have long lines to wait in.   We got right on the Maid of the Mist boat ride.   I have painful memories of being on that boat years ago.   Caught upfront and unable to move or breathe from all the water blowing onto the boat.   But the boys chose a good location and I stood behind so I was blocked from the mist for the most part.

After the boat ride and the obligatory climb to the side of the falls to get more drenched, we walked over to Goat Island and thought about doing Cave of the Winds but we were really itching to get to Toronto.  We headed back and then drove into Toronto.  Traffic was horrendous.

We made our way to the Hard Rock for a very late (and ridiculously expensive) lunch and then took a walk around Toronto.  There was some sort of religious rally going on and although it is very, very nice to see the respect each group had…in that no one was disrespectful or angrily debating back and forth…they were all gathered on one street and singing or preaching over loud speakers.  You couldn’t hear anything clearly.   But nonetheless it was a “city” experience for sure.

Day two of our trip was dedicated to our baseball stadium tour.  What a great adventure this was.   We headed out early and found parking right by the stadium.   That turned out to be a mistake even though we hung around for over an hour after the game.   If we thought traffic was horrendous the day before going into Toronto, we were treated to traffic that is something much more than horrendous.   It took at least an hour and a half to get close to the QEW.

But back to the game….we all had our jerseys on and boy can those Canadians rib ya!  The very helpful stadium security guards kept trying to direct me to the Blue Jays Store.   I obliged them, but they didn’t have any Orioles gear there so it was a wasted trip.   I told them so.  😉

Before the gates opened, we had the pleasure of seeing Caleb Joseph who stopped for a photo with the boys.  I hurried to find a convenience store to get a black marker in case others came by.   As soon as I left, Ubaldo Jimenez, Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop came in.  Machado and Jimenez posed for photos with my SOMH.  

The fans were very into the games and there was one loud mouth that really made me mad-but the boys thought he was funny so whenever I got angry, my husband would get irritated.   I really should be banned from major sporting events.   I have a bad (and short) temper.   Case in point, the drunk behind us would slap the chair beside me to “make noise”.  It shook my seat and that was just too rude to handle.  Temper took over so I beat on the seat with him and he quickly got the message.  I just got a lot of stares and a nasty bruise on my fist.  The girl in front of us would get up and dance around and point to us whenever the Blue Jays scored.   (She must have been exhausted since the Jays beat the O’s 10-4.).  After the game, we received a lot of condolences from the polite Canadians and one strong suggestion that we return to our country.   That made me laugh since his Hispanic accent was pretty thick.

After the game, we hung out for an hour or so waiting for players to come out but no luck.  After awhile, I went in and asked the security guard if he knew when the players would be out and he said they would go out the back by the busses.   We scurried off, but the guard there said we were too late.   Bummer.   

Then we drove the 7 hours home.  Seven long tiring hours. 

So I think we are done with the stadium tours for 2015.   We hoped to hit Pittsburgh before the season is over, but SOMH starts his own fall ball baseball season this coming Satirday so we will have our own home games to see.