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Fitbit Conundrum 

I was given an accountability band (i.e., a Fitbit Charge HR) and I have been diligently tracking my steps, my calories in/calories out, and activity.  So far so good.  However, this Fitbit tracks my sleep as well.  This is a very good tool for me because insomnia was something I was struggling with and I am able to see when I am restless or when I wake up.   I’m noticing I am not sleeping as soundly as I was when I was put back on meds and I have some questions for my doctor at my next visit.   But this is not about that.  Here’s what I woke to this morning:

I use the silent alarm on the Fitbit to wake me.  When it went off this morning I tapped the side to stop it, but tapped a tad to hard and found it had 8 steps recorded.   8 steps?   I hadn’t been out of bed yet.  Thinking I misread it, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom (about 6 steps).  The Fitbit read 14 steps.   Huh.

The Fitbit records steps, I believe, per day, which would be midnight to midnight.  I went to bed at 10:30 p.m.   The sleep log shows me asleep at 10:44 p.m.  I have no recollection of getting out of bed at all.  I do remember waking up.  I spoke to my husband once and another time I remember thinking I could use the bathroom, but I didn’t get up.   If I had used the bathroom, the Fitbit would have (should have) recorded more than 8 steps.   It’s 6 steps to the sink in the bathroom and another 3-4 to the toilet – then back.  I decided to pass it off as a glitch in the Fitbit.

I begin to get ready for work.  I find that I have a dark painful bruise on my right thigh…side of my thigh.   I have no idea how that happened.  There are, of course, many reasons I could bruise my leg.  I could have hit it on my desk at work, banged it in the kitchen getting dinner ready or many other ways, but I don’t remember hitting it.

So I am left with DID I get up and walk 8 steps last night?  Where would I go?   8 steps could get me to the bathroom but not back.  Maybe I got up and started around the bed and turned back, banged my leg on the corner of the footboard, but why would I do that.  Nothing is there except the TV, but it was not on.  Again, my Fitbit tracks me as asleep from 10:44p.m. until well after midnight.

I sense a need for a video camera but fear some sort of “Paranormal Activity” style video.  😳😳

*Fitbit update:  my husband does remember that I did get out of bed.  He thinks I may have walked into the TV stand (hence the bruise) and that woke him.  He said I turned around and went back to bed.  I’m not a sleepwalker…this is creepy.*


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