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Family Outing

My beloved husband has just survived a man’s worst nightmare…the cold.  Ok, ok, he was sicker than simply a cold, treated for an “upper respiratory infection”, but as his doting wife, I wanted at least one opportunity to poke fun at the “man flu”!  He was down and out of commission for a week and was itching to get out this weekend for some fun.  The younger SOMH was with us this weekend so I decided we would go to an NHL game.   That was a very, very short-lived idea when one “cheap” seat was more than our weekly grocery budget.  But I’ve never been to a hockey game and now that the thought seed was planted, it grew to an obsession.

Fortunately we have an AHL team, the Hershey Bears, a short distance away and those tickets were much more reasonably priced.  So I surprised the boys with a night of Defending the Den complete with soggy arena burgers and fries that cost almost more than the tickets.


Having never been to a hockey game, I had a great time.  I had my SOHM on one side and he explained rules and such.   I understand hockey, but sometimes the game moves too fast and I need a verbal replay/explanation.  I found myself holding my breath during play and have little left of my voice.  I squealed with glee every time the puck slammed into the plexiglass or players slammed each other into the wall.  The game went in shootout and I was on the edge on my too-small seat.  I’m thinking its time to give up boxing and see if I can still handle myself on ice skates.   GRRRRR!

I love that we love sports and am looking forward to baseball season staring next week.   


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