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New Addition

Our puppy was born today.  We will not get to meet him until mid-June.  We had a name, changed his name, and then changed it again.  I’m blogging now because I’m nervous.  My boys are dog people, and that’s understandable.  Hunting and such is their passion and this puppy will be raised to help hunt.  

I love all animals and that includes my cats.  But my cats are full of personality and that personality and my husband’s personality seems to clash more often than not.  Ajax…well despite never being allowed in our bedroom, whines, cries and scratches at the bedroom door….c o n s t a n t l y.  Now if we lie in bed in absolute silence, and that means basically holding our breathe, for 5 minutes he will lie down outside the door.  But then God help us if we doze off and snore.  Ok, I’m exaggerating but only slightly.   This behavior is getting worse and Ajax latches on to the doorknob and tries, noisily, to turn it.  If it is the early morning, I will put him in the laundry room, but then Leo picks up with singing the song of the cat people outside our door.

My husband would never hurt an animal but his frustration with the cats lately have me worried that bringing our new baby home is going to cause even more tension between them.   We haven’t ironed out some details such as do we move the litterbox or leave it an hope the puppy stays out of it?  I free feed the cats dry food.   How do we keep the puppy out of their food?  Of course puppy will be crated at night, but where?  If the SOMH keeps the puppy in his room, Ajax will undoubtedly sing outside of his room and cause the puppy to whine.   If puppy is crated downstairs, how will we keep the cats from harassing this sweet ball of fur and thereby causing the puppy to whine.  And Leo…poor Leo…he is so very skittish that he doesn’t bury his “gifts” in the litterbox.  What will he do with a frisky inquisitive puppy?!!!!

This is life in my brain.  Puppy is not even here and the what-ifs have started.  I asked my husband to make suggestions and he made some smart-aleck joke about the cats (which of course become “my” cats when he is frustrated).  The joke was not productive and I know we have time but ugh….such an exciting event has to be overshadowed by my crazy, irritating brain.


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