Ramadan Mubarak

Here we are nearly a week into Ramadan already.  It is the most anticipated time for me.  Part of what I deal with mentally is the need for scheduled restarts.  I’m not a “diet starts today” kind of person.  So Ramadan is the perfect time to “fix” those despised qualities and center myself.  I am always disappointed I don’t do more, but I am trying to focus on the changes I am making.  I want to finish memorizing Surah at-Takwir, inshaAllah, and I want to be the kind person I was before work beat me down.
I love Ramadan.  I love the calmness fasting brings down upon me.  My soul is quieted.  

May our prayers, deeds and fasting be accepted.  Ameen.
*for those that may read my blog and not know about Ramadan, it is a month of fasting, charitable acts, reflection and worship.  Fasting is from sunrise to sundown.  If anyone has questions I am more than happy to respond.