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Ballpark tour continued…

This year has not been great for knocking ballparks off our list.  My SOMH had a summer job, I started a new job and my daughter had her 2nd child so our attentions were focused elsewhere.  However, the boys did manage to take in a day trip to PNC Park in Pittsburgh and we tackled the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati over the Labor Day weekend.

Our Cincinnati trip ended up being 100% about baseball.  The drive to Cincinnati went much faster than expected so we were able to check into our hotel a day earlier.  I am an early riser so I was up and out wandering the streets in search of a Starbucks by 6 a.m.  I have an app and it provided me with a map to the closest Starbucks (.2 mile) but seriously, was I really expected to be able to follow the purple line on the map BEFORE coffee?  I went the wrong way and ended up finding a Starbucks about a mile later.  Lovely walk however.  Fortunately I had made a very large city square in my search so I was able to get the boys frapps and make it back to the hotel before they melted.   Interestingly enough I was laughing about my journey with the concierge who then advised me the closest Starbucks was actually in the Hyatt lobby directly across the street.  πŸ˜‘

The boys were ready when I got back and we headed to fountain square to join a walking tour discussing the 1919 World Series.   It was a fascinating talk about mobsters, gambling and shady dealings.

After the tour, we took a trip to the top of Carew Tower and then headed along the river walk toward the ballpark.  Absolutely beautiful.

We had a great time at the game – St. Louis Cardinals vs Cincinnati Reds.  Reds won so there were fireworks at the end of the game.   We walked back to fountain square and had a late dinner at Rock Bottom, which, although quite tasty, was no where nearly as good as the Rock Bottom in Lynnwood, WA.  We then waited 45 minutes for Graeters ice cream, amusing ourselves with eye rolling and gasps as the child in front of us touched, dropped, or broke anything and everything within her reach.  Then, we stayed in the square for about an hour listening to bluegrass/country performances.

Sunday, we headed over to Kentucky for a tour of the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum.   My SOMH said it was one of the best tours he was ever on.  That makes the trip perfect.  After souvenirs were purchased, we drove the 8 hours home through the beautiful Kentucky-West Virginia-Pennsylvania countryside.

Best memory of the trip:  Graeters salted caramel ice cream and bluegrass music.

Least favorite:  the ongoing battle between Jane Waze and my beloved husband.


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