The quest for a “perfect” Suhoor 

Facing a day of fasting during Ramadan has never been difficult for me, but since “fasting” isn’t just abstaining from food and water the less distracted I can be by the growling belly or pasty mouth, I have always tried to perfect my morning meal.

My first “ah-ha” was a few years ago when I learned protein, Protein, PROTEIN.  I added a protein drink to a breakfast of two eggs and 1 slice of wheat toast.  Of course, finishing my meal with a full bottle of water.  I actually maintained my weight when I started and ended my fast with protein heavy meals.  

30 days of the same meal is not easy to do (for me) so this year, I added in some variety.   My favorite roasted red pepper chicken sausage.  Good protein, but way too much sodium.  I am thirsty before I even finish suhoor.  I also try not to have the whole wheat toast every day.   I know I need some carbs but I get that in my coffee.  

Tomorrow I am going to try my carefully calculated new meal plan:   Lemon blueberry overnight oats (with pecans and chia seeds) and two eggs scrambled and my protein drink.

I’m not looking to stay full all day…I actually like the hungry feeling.  It is very humbling.  I have worked very hard to lose weight this year facing several medical challenges making weight loss even more difficult, not to mention the age issue. I just want to maintain through Ramadan.  I met with my doctor before Ramadan and he was quick to point out I should not expect to lose much.   He even gave me a month post-Ramadan before he sees me again to judge my progress.

I’d love to hear recommendations for what has worked for others.  I’m a pretty picky breakfast eater though.  I’m not one to be able to eat as soon as I wake up, so suhoor, being at 3:45 a.m. is a challenge.  I can only eat breakfast type foods, not leftover dinner and no, I never had pizza for breakfast.  

To those observing their fasts, I pray Allah accepts it from us.  To those struggling to observe, I pray Allah rewards your intentions and makes it easier for you.  To those who have no idea what I am talking about, feel free to ask questions and God bless!