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We made it to only one ballpark this year.  In our defense, it is a busy year…baby off to college, new job, downsizing, medical procedures, but we managed to knock Miller Park off the list.

We drove to Illinois to see my dad and celebrate his birthday.  My dad, who adores my SOMH, made sure to choose his birthday meal at the Bass Pro Shop restaurant so SOMH could have his alligator.  Disgusting…but he liked it.

The next day we drove the 2 hours to Milwaukee to see the Brewers host the Orioles.  The Orioles lost the game 8-1, but the fans were great.


I could not pass up Cheese Curds, being in the cheese state.  Those were sinfully delicious.  Deep fried pieces of cheesy goodness.


Unbeknownst to us, Miller Park apparently has a reputation of being brutal to fans sitting on the third base side during the summer. Lesson learned.  I, of course, forgot sunscreen.  I have the “scarf tan”.  A seriously dark scarf tan.  (#hijabiissues). And burnt wrists.  And burnt thighs (through my jeans 😫).

We seem to have slowed down knocking ball parks off the list, but we will get through them…eventually, InshaAllah.


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