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Total Diet Fail

Today was the Apple Harvest Festival and by far one of (if not the one) favorite weekend of the year. I love this time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, the fields are being harvested and it’s officially deer-dodging season.

My husband wanted to go early to the festival as it is the first weekend and the crowds can be pretty bad. I did not argue (for once) since I already had to tell him he was right twice the day before and, let’s face it, it’s three words most wives choke on.

After visiting the amazing booths of crafts and mulling over whether to get a plaque that says “for me and my family we serve the Lord” or “all those who come in peace are welcome” or any number of other cutesy little wall art…none of which we could agree on and truth be told, the money I brought was really for what followed.


Open pit beef with horseradish and bbq sauce. My first 3,000+/- calorie meal of the day.

Post-breakfast palette cleanser

Funnel cake with stewed apples, confectioners sugar and cinnamon. I had to laugh when they gave me two forks. Like I was going to share. Forks are not needed when I tackle funnel cake. It’s the one time I can honestly say sticky fingers don’t bother me.

One cannot go to an apple harvest festival without obtaining the harvested apples, however the festival sells pre-bagged apples and since I plan to can apple butter and applesauce, I like to get a variety of apples so we made a stop at the round barn (historic round barn)

for a half bushel of apples…jonagold, cameo, Fuji, empire, winesap, gala and others.

I’ll be busy tomorrow.

Sadly I did not take a picture of the final “must have” from the festival as they were eaten after dinner. Apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream. I’d say I managed to consume more calories than I care to admit, but oh my they were tasty calories.


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