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Sneezing fit

while strapped into my CPAP mask.

Although this was not mucous filled sneezes (thank God), they were nuclear sneezes.

The first sneeze started deep down in my toes and from tickle to explosion was less than .00002 of a second. In that microsecond, my brain went through every scenario from “this is how I die” to “I’m going to pop my mask”. My brain froze all logical thought like hit the stop button or lift the nasal pillows. So I lay there…flat on my back…and sneeze air back into the CPAP as my CPAP forces 5-20 cmH2O air up my nose. As the air is forced up my nose, you cannot open your mouth or that air escapes. This my brain remembers. First 2 sneezes I kept my mouth clamped shut. But the battle of the pressures was overwhelming and quite frankly the hysteria was setting in. I started laughing. Sneezing, laughing and gasping all at once.

Thank God I peed before I went to bed!


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