My Ancestry

For my birthday, my husband got me a DNA test through MyHeritage.  I was not impressed by the results.  Well not the results so much as the format.   The results were surprising.  There was nothing unexpected as far as  ancestry but what surprised me was the small amount of Scandinavian making up European percentage.   My mom was 100% Icelandic, with her lineage traced back to the early 800s and into, I believe Norway.  I imagined my chart (by the way…the colored pie chart is my creation)…my chart would at least be more than 3.5% Scandinavian.   

Surprise number 2 was the Ashenazi Jewish.   Oh I knew my father’s mother’s side traces back to Warsaw before Warsaw was Poland, but to have nearly 30% of my DNA representing  was a surprise.  Now, I have heard of Jewish being an ethnicity, but I believed I was misunderstanding what it meant to be “ethically Jewish”.   I did some subsequent research on the Ashenazi Jewish ethnicity and was super surprised to read that “we” can be traced to a group of 300-335 people.   

But then…Eastern European was its own group, of which I am a mere 1%.  Is not Poland Eastern European?

Now the results really excited my father and he and I share the same interest in what I call “living history” and we have embarked on the arduous task for figuring out his father’s father’s British history.   Some day we hope to visit the area where the Andrews ancestry originated from in England.  The struggle is, however that my grandfather had a falling out with his family and his only sister died recently (2009) so we are pretty much at a stalemate unless my dad has his DNA tested.   There are several sites you can link to that trace the “Y” (male).

Iberian and Central Asian would have been confusing, except my husband (who is 98.8% European – German to be precise) also has Iberian and Central Asian so that must be beginning of time thing.   

Well now that I have some tools I’ll see if it will help in unraveling who I am and where I come from.