Pepper Jelly, Puppy and Persnickity Partner

Someone at work brought in homegrown jalapeños and Serrano peppers.  A bag full.  I had a few habanero and 1 bell pepper so I made 8 jars of pepper jelly.  The dog, cats and husbands whined and complained because the odor of extracting peppers took your breath away.  I’m used to working with peppers so I know how to breathe through the capsicum steam.   I still have half the bag of jalapeño/Serrano pepper mix and I think I’ll can some salsa.  Not today tho.  I need to rest before starting on the rest of the to do list.  Lasagne to ready for baking tomorrow.   Couscous to go with lamb tangine tonight.  Writing on the birthday boy’s ice cream cake.  And court rules to attempt to summarize <– like not going to happen today.

Crush, the puppy, is doing a bit better with becoming housebroken.  We have graduated his kennel from the garage to the living room.  He whined at bedtime, but only until 2 a.m.  🙄

Crush is my constant shadow.   I’m not sure why.   My husband and SOMH care for him more than I do.  I don’t feed him food scraps like I do my cats (long story, bad choice, but too late to change).  But if I do dishes, he lies across my feet.   If I turn to stir food on the stove, he schooches over to lay on my feet.  If I sit, he holds my leg.  If I sit on the floor, he lies across my lap.

Maybe it is because Ajax follows me everywhere and this is some sort of power struggle between the feline and the canine.   Ajax uses his bully tactics to get my attention and Crush uses his cuteness, playfulness to get it from me.  

The persnickety partner…what can I say.  I can’t seem to do anything right this weekend.  I know he doesn’t feel well but he’s not a complainer so he’s just…persnickety.   He’s a man so making suggestions is futile.  He was in an accident several months ago and saw a quack of a chiro and he’s worse off now.  He’s a bit gunshy to try again so he suffers.  Chronic headache, body ache, ill temper.  I hurt for him.  


New Addition

So we brought home a beautiful light yellow lab and named him Crush.  As expected, the other two furry family members are none to pleased.  Ajax, the gray tabby, quickly asserted his dominance by swatting at the puppy.  His displeasure grew whenever I was tending to the puppy.  (I belong to Ajax and have since I brought him home 11 yrs ago.)

Leo, the black tuxedo tabby, puffs up like black tumbleweed and tiptoes around him.  He’s tiptoeing closer and closer and hissed once.  He is otherwise disinterested in the dog.

By day two, Crush was having none of Ajax’s swatting and decided to use his voice.  Two puppy-barks and Ajax backed down.  Foolishly I thought this would be the end of it, but Ajax was just giving Crush a false sense of superiority.  Crush decided he would leap toward Ajax and entice him to play.  Ajax delivered four swats before Crush could even blink.  Ajax was back on top.  Today…day four…is Saturday. We are all home and Crush is having the full family experience.  He follows me around like … well, like a puppy.  So does Ajax.  Ajax was becoming tired of my new companion and Crush must have sensed it because he turned and barked at Ajax.  Crush was back on top.

As of this moment, after a full day of new noises, sounds and routines, both cats and the dog are asleep on the floor among the scattered chew toys, bones and empty water bottles.

Although I am not a dog person, and prefer cats, I must say Crush is very cute.  He will be 100% cuter when he is fully housebroken.  I’m calling him Mr. Piddlepuss.  And why…WHY when they drink water do they splash it all over the place.  

Welcome home baby.

New Addition

Our puppy was born today.  We will not get to meet him until mid-June.  We had a name, changed his name, and then changed it again.  I’m blogging now because I’m nervous.  My boys are dog people, and that’s understandable.  Hunting and such is their passion and this puppy will be raised to help hunt.  

I love all animals and that includes my cats.  But my cats are full of personality and that personality and my husband’s personality seems to clash more often than not.  Ajax…well despite never being allowed in our bedroom, whines, cries and scratches at the bedroom door….c o n s t a n t l y.  Now if we lie in bed in absolute silence, and that means basically holding our breathe, for 5 minutes he will lie down outside the door.  But then God help us if we doze off and snore.  Ok, I’m exaggerating but only slightly.   This behavior is getting worse and Ajax latches on to the doorknob and tries, noisily, to turn it.  If it is the early morning, I will put him in the laundry room, but then Leo picks up with singing the song of the cat people outside our door.

My husband would never hurt an animal but his frustration with the cats lately have me worried that bringing our new baby home is going to cause even more tension between them.   We haven’t ironed out some details such as do we move the litterbox or leave it an hope the puppy stays out of it?  I free feed the cats dry food.   How do we keep the puppy out of their food?  Of course puppy will be crated at night, but where?  If the SOMH keeps the puppy in his room, Ajax will undoubtedly sing outside of his room and cause the puppy to whine.   If puppy is crated downstairs, how will we keep the cats from harassing this sweet ball of fur and thereby causing the puppy to whine.  And Leo…poor Leo…he is so very skittish that he doesn’t bury his “gifts” in the litterbox.  What will he do with a frisky inquisitive puppy?!!!!

This is life in my brain.  Puppy is not even here and the what-ifs have started.  I asked my husband to make suggestions and he made some smart-aleck joke about the cats (which of course become “my” cats when he is frustrated).  The joke was not productive and I know we have time but ugh….such an exciting event has to be overshadowed by my crazy, irritating brain.